Speed keeps dropping from12x to 6x?

when backing up some movies as soon as the speed reaches 12x it then drops off to 6x about half way and sometimes drops lower,posted a nero speed test result.thanks

It sounds to me that your harddisk is going to die.
Test your HDD, especially burs rate!!

Did you post the write speed graph or the read speed graph ?

Looks like a read test of a rather ropey burn.

The 16x speed patch of of the DVD-ROM firmware is better used for speed testing a burn, as it IS rather demanding.

All a read test like that says, is the reader is struggling to read the burn at that speed - it could be that the burn is worse from there, or the burn could be fairly even but just not good enough to read any faster than 12x.

Kprobe at a flat 4x (the DVD-ROM can do it, though results are not comparable with writers) to see if it’s a bad burn, or just the read speed.

the read speed graph

thanks will download Kprobe and check it with that

Check out [THREAD=119042]this thread[/THREAD] re attaching scans. Should save you some time. :wink: