Speed Issues with PX712-UF

Hello all,

I am reposting this hoping that someone knows the answer…

First things first:
my rig is as follows:
P4 2.0Ghz
40 Gig HD
256 DDR
Plextor PX712-UF (The External one) USB2.0

So here’s my question…

in doing a few backups of some DVD’s im noticing that it takes quite awhile…
about an hour and a half for a full read-down with DVD decryptr and another hour and a half, to 2 hours with clone DVD… do you guys feel that is a normal speed for a backup? also, im using Memorex 8x CD+R DVD’s
I dunno what firmware im using currently, because im at work, but if it helps at all i purchased this drive about a week ago, and it was newly shipped to the store i purchased it at…again, im sure that doesnt really help, but im trying to give you guys ALL the info i have.

let me know what the deal is with this, if you would.

BTT … help me!

I can rip a full dvd about 7-9GB, using dvd decryptor 3.2.3 for 10-12 minutes. The new dvd decryptor has the option “enable speedread” (I don’t remember the exact one since I’m away from my home comp.)

Cloning dvd depends on softwares because each has different algorithm, with your comp spec, using dvdshrink could take 15-20 minutes, and burn will be around 7-8 minutes for 8x.

If you’re at home, you might want to post more info on your firmware and other setup…

ok i’ll try that…thanx.

Something else i’ve noticed though… im ASSUMING that my processor is more than fast enough (P4 @ 2Ghz) but does the amount of RAM you have affect your transfer rates as well? im only using a single 256K corsair RAM chip, so lets say i upgrade to a full Gig of RAM, would that significantly increase performance?

Yes, RAM upgrade would increase overall computer performance, not only for this particular case. you should check your settings first. My other computer, PII 400Mhz, 392mb ram, 10GB, can read/rip a full dvd for 30-40 minutes with a regular dvd-rom (not a burner).