Speed issues with a Plextor PX-755SA


I’m having problems with my newly purchased Plextor PX-755SA burner drive. I’ve only burned three dvd’s with it soo far because it is taking soo long for it to complete the process.

I have an ECS 945P-A motherboard with the Intel 945P chipset. I upgraded the drives firmware from V1.04 to V1.06. I’m running Plextools Professional V2.35. The first disc burned was a DVD-R and the avg speed was 1.7X and took 79 minutes to complete. I’ve tried a few other discs with different features turned off and such but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve even ruined a disc doing the full quality scan for the autostragety thing. To no avail…it’s still doing it.

I have looked through your forums and found a few possible solutions but I don’t think most of them apply to me. I don’t think the nforce4 drivers apply to me…but I could be wrong. How could I find out? Also I don’t know how to tell if my drive is in PIO5 or DMA mode. If somebody could point the way that would be great. And the other suggestion was to buy a controller card which may work but I’m trying not to spend anymore money than I have to.

Thanks for your patience and time