Speed issues on Nero and XP

I dont know if its hardware or software but I think its software.

I just bought a new DELL with the Lite-On 2410M (24x) in it.

I have the burner running on DMA as Master on the second IDE, my DVD is the slave.

I have XP installed

When I want to burn in Nero it says its a 16x burner, while the specs of Nero say its a 24x.

When I look at the XP tab of the burner is still sees its a 24x, but nero says its 16 speed.

I tried to switch DMA and PIO, Master and slave, Disabled the XP service, disabled the burning feature, but nothing seems to help.

Anybody knows how to fix this? 16x is really fast when you are used to a 4x burner, but I still want it to run on 24x

ow yeah, I installed adaptec 4.70 aspidrivers and the latest Intell U-ATA drivers

Check my post

The problem is probably the media that you are using. If the Lite-on thinks that it cannot burn the disk at 24x, it will drop the default speed to 16x. Try 24x certified media.