Speed issue

I have a Lite-On 24102B and I was trying to copy VCDs. I noticed that to copy the 445MB dat file to my hard drive took 5:30, but to burn the CD only took 2:30. Why can’t it read as fast as it can burn? :confused:

i have this drive also.

i am thinking that there might be quite a bit of errors on the cd that u burnt. so when it reads the cd back to tha hard drive it slows the read speed down and the drive has to correct the errors.

also i notice that when there are no errors it reads tha cd at a faster rate.

Try this!!!
If u got nero burning rom installed go and run the nero cd speed utility click on extra then click tha cd quality check and let it do it’s thing it will show u if there are errors on the cd and at what is the average speed it reads the cd at etc…

good luck :slight_smile:

I ran Nero CD check, it says there’s no errors, and average read speed it 20.67X . :confused:

You need to run the ScanDisk utility from Nero Tools to get a fair idea of damaged / unreadable sectors.

Result of Nero Scandisk:
Starting file test
Files: -
Directories: -
Size: -
Errors: 0
Speed: (-)
File test completed
Starting surface scan
Good: 99.62 %
Damaged: 0.38 %
Unreadable: 0.00 %
Surface scan completed

Does this qualify as a slow or highly damaged cd?
I doubt it.

Apparently some readers (/writers) read a normal data cd faster than a video cd. This has something to do with the support of mode 2 data sectors which are used by a video cd. Maybe you can try reading a normal data cd to see if you get the result you expected!