Speed help



I have dial up internet and LimeWire PRO, downloads normally download at 2 or 3 kbps. Is there a way to speed this up other then getting a faster internet connection?



Sounds like a v34 connection out beyond the v90 or dsl length of copper cable pair,
cable(coaxial internet)?


Not with dial up and LimeWire Pro, they are both slow at the best of time. You need ADSL and a better P2P program to gain and speed.


Is there a better P2P program that will give me more speed on dial up?


My modem says its a v92


I trained with 2 of the best worldnet/att modem mods for 2 years, your modem has nothing to do with the physical limitation of a copper cable pair’s ability to receive
a V90 signal past the limit imposed by distance or analog to digital conversion.
To test your line, hook modem directly to the demarck box outside house, that’s as good as it gets, or at least disconnect every other device and make sure that line is routed away from any ac interference.


The limitation isn’t with the software, it’s with your internet connection. You could try all of the available p2p clients, they will all connect at the exact same speeds.

My modem says its a v92

The reference was to the link or connection between your home and the line provider, not the modem inside of your computer.


I had a 56k connection ans that only downloaded at aroun 4kbps. So I changed to ADSL 512kbps downloads at 60kbps much better. I would up grade your speed.


That may not be possible considering his current connection speeds. Hopefully his problem is a line quality issue, not a distance from CO or RT issue.


Amazing how many people move closer to civilization when they experience the internet.