Speed hack firmware? 1016

Any chance I could find firmware with a speed hack for my BTC 1016 that is at least kind of up to date? Or is there a way to patch it myself (without spending more than a few hours working on it)? Seems to take aroud 20 minutes to copy a DVD to the hard drive - although it does take as little as 12 minutes to rip a DVD in DVD Shrink as long as it doesn’t need compression (probably less than a full single layer anyway).

Hello and welcome,

there are two possible answers to your question. YES in case that you mean to write media above their rated speed. This can easily be done by using ala42’s media code speed edit tool (see my sig for the link).
NO, in case you mean (which I guess) to remove the riplock to read the DVD-Video discs faster . A few patched versions for this drive can be found over at the The Dangerhous Brothers website. The verisons are still in beta and “only” rpc1.

Hope this answers your question :wink: