Speed For Testing CDR Quality

At what speed should CDRs be checked with KProbe or CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality?

Max speed has always been the rule, however many LiteOn CDRW drives have a little instability when scanning at 52x. 40x seems a good compromise for CDRW drives. Don’t bother scanning with a DVDRW drive, the results are not reliable.


is there any reason for that?


I scanned cd-r’s @40x with the new benQ1650 and found about 10% out of a batch of 50 had marginal scores. Out of those 10%, 50% had smooth transfer rate curves, the ones that did not got reburned to new dvd-rs.

Since i only have the benQ which will have to work for cd-r’s as well. I found the results i got satisfactory. One thing to note, is, i found the results more consistant if i preceeded a disc quality test with a transfer rate test for each cd-r. No idea why.

It really depends on the scanning drive and on what you’re trying to determine with your scan.

As a general rule I prefer scanning at 32x because it is plenty fast, it is possible even for CD-RW media and Audio CDs, and because it can be done without running at the limit of the drive’s capabilities.

Scanning at a low Constant Linear Velocity such as 8x might be more realistic in some respects when scanning Audio CDs, however.

For LiteOn DVD-RW drives I agree completely!
They are useless for scanning CDs.

For Plextor and BenQ DVD-RW drives I disagree completely!
They are excellent for scanning CDs.

NEC DVD-RW drives can also be good for scanning CDs. As always this depends on the particular drive.

Thanks for your input everyone.
Good to see you back Drage!