Speed dips: interesting observation



Not sure how interesting, but here it goes :bigsmile:

My 2 month old 1650, (Manuf: Feb 2006, shipped with BCDC) installed in a Vantec USB enclosure, shows speed dips at 8x and 8x P-CAV. All other f/w show the same speed dips.

Last week I got another drive, this time a 1655 (Manuf: March 2006, shipped with BCGB) installed in the same enclosure, shows speed dips ONLY at 8x P-CAV. Ok, cannot compare different drives with different f/w.

Today I received another 1650 (Manuf: March 2006, shipped with BCFC) to be installed in a friend’s PC. I put it in the same enclosure to test it. Burned a disc and then scanned it, no speed dips at 8x !!! :confused: (didn’t test P-CAV … woops)

I also noticed that the older 1650 (Feb 2006) makes a very low squeak/screech when WOPC and/or SB (not sure which) kicks in. The new 1650 (March 2006) doesn’t make that noise.

Is there any hardware difference between the two? Just a coincidence? :confused:

All 3 drives are perfectly functional, so it’s not that one of them is bad. And all 3 came from newegg, if it matters.

I am going to test and swap drives around a bit more and see if I can make anything of my observation. Or maybe I am just too bored :iagree: :o
To bad I only have a laptop at the moment and only one enclosure to test with.
Now I need to find something to burn :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the 1655 is known to have no speedips scanned at 8x.

You know, since you got so many drives, you could try crossflashing your 1650>1655 firmware and see if the speeddips disappear at 8x. They keep saying 1650 is same as 1655 except for laser.


Are you sure? :wink:


Ok my bad… I read that it was so in another thread :confused:


Except for laser? Never seen that posted…
More likely these parts missing in 1650 compared to 1655. :wink:


:frowning: slapped Down