Speed cut in half after update on 16102B

Before flashin my LiteOn 16102B I used NeroSpeed to check what speeds my CD Burner was burnning at. It said 8-12-16-32x rev. OS08. After flashing the burner with OS0K anda reboot it now only reads 4-8-12-16x. Anyone know why this would happen? Or an easy way to fix it? No, I dont have a backup of the orignal rom :frowning:



16102B is a 16X writer so it should not show more than 16X writing…

Or did I miss your question?

Before I did the update from OS08 to OS0K NeroSpeed showed my burner being capable of running at 8-12-16-32X when I did a Drive Check on it. Most likely it wasnt burning at 32X but I was a little supprised after I did the update it no longer showed my 16102B being capable of 32X when doing a Drive Check.