Speed Burning problems



I have a 1633s crossflashed to 1653s with C09, at the begening all thing were OK, I mean I could burn DVDs at a diferent speed than the certified one (I burned a 4x and 8x certified DVD at 12x and sometimes at 16x and had no problems), but now I cant burn the same brand DVD (the same code media) at any other speed than the certified one because I get an error message (Laser power calibration error).
does anyone know why I am getting this error??
any help would be very apreciated.


Usually it’s caused by low quality media. Have you tried using the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread] to do a reset learn. Make sure you backup your EEPROM first. :wink:

As you asked the same question three weeks ago [thread=123301]here[/thread], this thread will be closed.