Speed Bumps in Burned DVD+R

Hi, first post :slight_smile:

I recently bought some Verbatim DVD+R DataLifePlus, MCC004, and it’s made in Taiwan.

After burning the DVDR, I did a transfer read test and see a decrease in speed at regular intervals. I didn’t see this problem with some Maxell DVDRs (MXL03, I think). I attached a picture … my drive doesn’t support PI/PO error tests, but is there any cause for concern?

I was reading around some threads, maybe I should read a couple more pages :slight_smile: In the last page of the Quality Scan vs. Transfer Rate Test, seems that a drop in speed doesn’t mean increase in errors … anyone know what cause the drops in speed?

Oh, the media is white inkjet printable.

Seems that some hardware function kicks in, like OPC or WOPC.

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It would help if you would tell us what is your burner, firmware, at what speed this disc was burnt, CDSpeed version used and so on.
As a rule of thumb, when asking for help try to give as many details as possible.

Personally I’ve never, ever seen such a peculiar reading curve. :confused:

I’m using Plextor 504A, 1.02. I had 2 different discs burnt at 2.4x and 4x both with the same result. I was using Nero CDSpeed 1.02g (I think this software is reading it right, since I can tell the DVD drive slowing down).

I thought this is a little odd, but I see some of the people here posted transfer tests with drop in speed about every gigabytes. Well, mine is like every 100MB :stuck_out_tongue:

It may make no difference, but you should at least update CD-DVD Speed, the current version is 4.50. I’m not sure why your test looks like that, it looks similar to a writing test where the drive commonly slows down in spots, but it’s very odd in a read test. I suspect it’s some system-related issue.

[B]@scoobiedoobie[/B]: you made a little typo (CDSpeed version) so I edited you post, I hope you don’t mind :wink:

?? Really? :confused: In my book, any reading curve should be flawless unless the drive is extremely picky, but maybe it’s a Plextor thing, I’m not familiar with Plexs’ reading curves.

The transfer rate test is actually done on a Toshiba DVD-ROM drive. I did it on the Plextor drive too, they look pretty much the same.

I stole this attached picture from the transfer rate topic. Assuming the black line is the transfer rate, there’s a drop in speed about every gigabytes …

Oh yeah, I thought all Verbatim DataLifePlus discs are made in either Japan or Singapore; when did Verbatim start making them in Taiwan?

The picture I attached above is from a read test right? … I think it’s probably the media or combination of media and my drive. I don’t have this problem with the Maxell discs (MXL03) or some older (1 year ago) Verbatim discs.

The graph you just posted is absolutely not a transfer rate test, it’s a PIE/PIF scan of a “create data disc” made disc.

The curve with the dips is the [I]burning[/I] curve. :wink: - and it has nothing to do with how a reading curve of a transfer rate test should look like. (see attached test)

That isn’t a read test - its an error scan which shows the errors that are present on a burned DVD disc - the dips are from the drive burning the disc, and are power calibration points, where the drive burning the disc has checked the disc quality and modified its burning to make sure the disc had good recording quality.

Verbatim started outsourcing to Taiwan (CMC Magnetics and Prodisc Technology) a few years ago, but they are made to MCC spec and quality.

If I recall correctly, I typed 2.50, I have no idea why (must have been after reading 1.02)… :doh:

oh :doh: I thought those were reading tests, because I see those dips (about every gigabytes) in my other media too.

Maybe it’s time for me to get a new drive. I was hoping to get the next drive to be HD-DVDR or Bluray, but those will be very expensive for a couple of years :sad:

I guess I’m going to get a LiteOn drive since the extra cost of Plextor doesn’t seem to add any more reliability.

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

Get a Benq (except the DQ60) :wink: Liteons are decent, but they don’t match Benqs for burn quality.

OK, I’ll check out the BenQ drives (DW1655).

I haven’t look at DVD writers in a while, now they have these LightScribe stuff. That looks cool.

Hi again, just want to bring some conclusion to my topic here :slight_smile:

I got a new bq drive and did a quality scan of the disc with speed bumps.

I did a ScanDisc first, and each drop in speed is a couple of damaged blocks. The quality score was 93 though … so yay. I did a new burn with the drive, too. That looks pretty good, I think.