Speed (16x vs. 8x) vs. Quality (6- vs. 500+)

This is another “Speed vs. Quality” thread, but specifically about TWO types of Mitsubishi high-quality media.

MCC004: 16x DVD+R at 16x
MCC 02RG20: 8x DVD-R at 8x

MCC004 is supported by many 16x DVD writers to be written at up to 16x speed but always seems to report over 500 PIF’s when written at 16x in under 6 minutes. There are exceptions but still more like 100 or 200. Max PIF is also too high even compared to PRODISCR03 at 8x or RICOHJPNR02 at 8x. I saw 34 PIF’s for MCC004 at 16x and 77 PIF’s for MCC03RG20 at 16x in early November but they are results from DIP.

MCC 02RG20 burned at 8x with certain 16x DVD writers report about 6 PIFs and max PIF is 1 or 2.

For test purposes, I would like to use only MCC004 because it’s 16x. For practical backups, I would like to use only MCC 02RG20 or Maxell 8x DVD-R or something as good and only at 8x.

Is it going to remain that way till transition to Blu-ray or HD-DVD?

16x DVD-R writing to even Maxell and TDK 16x DVD-R isn’t that good either compared to commonly found 8x writing results.

In addition, I can always hear the rotating noise at the living room when I am in the bed room #1 while I’m (literally) feeding my baby or my wife.

I hope new generations of 16x DVD writers coming to market this winter will fix at least some of the 16x writing quality problems, if not the noise generated when it rotates at nearly 10K RPM. (I don’t even use 10K HDD drives most of the times. :frowning: )