Speech to avi

eh Hi all. im newbie, my first post
this is what i want to be able to do -
i want to be able to add speech bubbles to an avi file, there is no c/write infringement, it is a project.
to be a little more specific, i want to take an exisiting avi/movie file, and add speech bubbles wherever i see fit.
ive come across software that allows me to do this through video capture, but so much quality is lost in this method, there HAS to be a better way!

thanks in advance

When you say avi file, is it a dv-avi file, an xvid, divx file??? If you are adding ANY effects to a video file, you will have to encode or re-encode depending on your starting file format, and that will always have at least some effect on the quality. In some cases that can be very minor, and in other cases, it can be major.

i dont even know how to find out. in preoperties, it just says video clip AVI?

Download Gspot and run it against one of your files. Post the results here.

appears to be xvid

xvid is highly compressed already. If you try to re-encode it you WILL have quality loss. I’m not sure that any of the editing authoring softwares are that good at editing xvid without decompressing it and then re-encoding it.