Specifications on the laser in a CD burner?



Hey there.
I’m working on a 3d printer project, where I need a laser that can melt a fine powder in a pattern.
In my search for a suitable laser, I came across some articles on how CD burners work.
Some articles claimed that the laser emits light in a specific wavelength that the dye in CD-R’s respond to, others claimed that besides light, heat was also emitted (IR light I guess…).

Question is, how much heat can the well focused beam of a CD-burner’s laser produce? (time/temperature ratios…)

And does anyone know how to remove the laser, and make it work outside the drive?

Also, the magnetic array that focuses and moves the laser, can this be controlled manually somehow?

I guess these things vary ALOT from drive to drive, but just an example would be nice :slight_smile:


Hi, the cd emmiting light is made by a semiconductor diode laser. I’m also looking for the temperatures emmited on a CD laser. If anyone knows, please let me know.


not sure on the specs but judging by this


it shouldn’t be a problem specily if it’s focused

hope it helps


CD burners use InfraRed so you can’t see the beam where your burning and they are very dangerous to the eyes since you can’t tell when your getting “lased”. Use a DVD laser diode thats red (650nM). An 8x burner usually has a 140mW diode and will burn quite well as my video shows here.