Specification In New Range Of Philips DVDRs

Can anyone kindly advise if any of the new Philips machines listed at:-


are HDD + DVD Recorder + Freeview + GuidePlus machines and, if so, give an idea of availability?


If you’d looked a bit further down the page, this would have been evident…


The 7200 is the only recorder of the list that we know anything about.

I did but I’m afraid it’s still not evident. Accordingly, I shall be grateful to anyone who can answer my original question. Of course, it may be that the details have not yet been released.

Let me summarise the evidence then, with the already released details from that very thread.

For the 7200:

a) No
b) Yes
c) Yes
d) Yes
e) May 2005

Dolby 5.1, and double-layer DVD recording are additional features on this machine.

HDD version available Autumn 2005 (thanks to KDH)

So, the DVDR7200 does not meet the specification listed in my original posting.

In future, please do not post in such circumstances.

Thank you.

I think you just stopped a number of people posting replies to you under ANY circumstances.


I Agree with Loob, you are being arrogant.

Some people try to help you with your question be polite or ask someone who gets paid to sort things out

Sorry but the gentlemen was just wasting my time.

I do not normally post because of the pointless and rude responses which are often generated. I had hoped that this small group sharing an interest in the much-maligned +RW technology might be different. Apparently I was wrong. I shall not post again.

I wasted your time? It’s certainly better, then, that you find out things for yourself in future.