Specific cables for subwoofer?

I hope this is in the correct forum … my apologies if it is not.

Do I need a specific cable to connect my subwoofer(powered) to my receiver??
Am I losing out just using standard RCA cables??

Same question for the coaxial digital connection for sound. It works with a stanhdard rca cable, but should I get a product that states ‘digital coaxial cable’?? Would its performance be noticeable superior???

Can an official digital coaxial cable also be used as a subwoofer cable???


The best choice is always 75u coax for any line-level or digital signals. Any decent cable is fine. No need to pop for over-priced Monster Cables or the like, and gold connectors are useless.

I had no plans to buy any Monster cables… I was just curious as I was using the stock stuff from Radio Shack etc etc.
I am going to get three coaxial digital cables from monoprice.com and use one of them as the subwoofer cable.

Now, I just have to wait until the next pay cycle to buy some 12 gauge speaker wire. I dunno if it is worth it… my system is a 7 yr old Kenwood HTB 502 system and I wonder if even heavier gauge speaker wire would make a difference with the cheapo speakers that came with the system.

Plain old 16ga zip cord is more than adequate for speakers.

Does your sub have left and right channels? My 12" Klipsch will only hook up to rca jacks from my receiver but has left and right. If i hook up a “Y” rca cable to it with both L&R it has better bass than just hooking up to L(mono). Atleast i don’t see coax hook up mine.