Special Question about PX-W4824A + SecuROM

i have a PX-W4824A and tried to backup my Neverwinternights Addon Shadow of Under… with SecuROM copy protection. I read the Instructions, did it that way, and got a working copy. Then i upgraded the frimware to 1.05, did a reboot, and used the same patched image i used the first time to do a second backup to make sure i can copy SecuROM cds. The fact is: the second try failed to work, it says it cant authenticate the cd in time when i launch the game. It happens with my DVD drive and with the writer.

So plz tell me what’s the problem, did the firmware upgrade something bad to my drive? It did not say anything about failures in the upgrade process.

This is too much for me, plz help :confused:

Which method did you use to make your back-up? I see in this thread that this NWN add-on has SecuRom version v4.84.76.0010. How are you playing your back-ups? When playing from a CD-Recorder you will have to hide the CD-R media. There should be no difference between firmware 1.04 and 1.05 for your Plextor drive.

Yes, thats the Post i read. I used CloneCD and Twinpeak with ‘15’ Twin Sector Steps.

When playing from a CD-Recorder you will have to hide the CD-R media.

What does that mean? It’s no difference if i put my (broken?) backup into the writer or into the drive i installed it from (the DVD drive, a Toshiba SD-M1712). It says it cannot authenticate the original cd in time (after a while).
And what’s the most rescent version of CloneCD? I use and there are VERY few Options i can change (i think it got some presets of options, coz it asks for “What type of media do you want to burn?” eg. CDDA).

I downloaded more Profiles for CloneCD, so you don’t have to answer that question. I also found out that my version of clonecd is the most rescent :slight_smile:

I backed up my WC3:TFT cd, it works, but the game needs about 2 min. to start. Very annoying, are there any special tricks i dont know?

And yes, i’m a newbie, dont mind moving me to newbie board :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiding CD-R Media means that you disable the checks (done by the copy protection) which checks if the inserted disc is a CD-R or CD-RW disc. This check is called the ATIP protection and more information can be found here. In short: if you play a back-up of a game which uses ATIP checks, you need to enable Hide CDR Media when playing the back-up. Software like CloneCD, PlexTools and Alcohol have ATIP check blockers.