**SPECIAL** [off topic] 184th comic - Garfield and Odie - comic for a friend

Heya everybody,

I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking… and after such a long time in the comic business I’ve decided to publish comics until comic number 200. There might be more comics from time to time but not every day …

Today is the day I want to say thank you to a good friend here at CDFreaks. Most of you (if not all) know him… some say he’s posting too much around this forum but I have a very special “Thank you” present for him. :wink: …ok it’s Namoh as you might have guessed.

Namoh is one of those fans that always gave me feedback like Womble, kalas, eltranquil, H3rb3i, CyNickuL, Mr. Belvedere and all the other feedback posters.

OK Namoh now here’s your comic… and yeah I found exactly the comic that might be one of those best comics around. I know you like Odie very much and that’s why it is a comic with Odie…
…one more thing to mention … the comic was in black and white only… so I colored the comic by myself. It might not look perfect but I think it’s ok - so don’t blame me if the colors are not perfect…

OK now here’s the comic:

…stay tuned for more comics during this week…

We’ll continue with a new Mrs. Feeny comic tomorrow!

I would like it if everybody here gives feedback even if the comic is created for Namoh. Thank you all!


Poor Odie!! :bigsmile:

Alex, you shouldn’t have done this, but I’m really honored. :iagree:
A comic for me and it’s just great. :iagree:

I love the comic (and yes I like Odie very much).

Keep up the good work and take care.

Rylex, seriously, I laughed so hard I hurt myself.


Heheheheheehe Just great.

Only 16 more though. Thats not so good.

Great job though.

Great comic Alex


Thanks for the fun you give us Rylex! :bow: