Special copy DVD



I have:- W-XP.Prof +SP3; Nero 6; Nero Cyberlink DVD; DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter.

I have a burnt DVD on which is -

  1. Adverts, before the main film, of the sponsors.
  2. Main Film - which has a short intro to the second short film and stops in around 7 minutes.
  3. Choice of 3 short film clips, (which play one after another unless checked), between the 2 films.
  4. The 2nd film. - which has to be started separately.

I am looking for a copying programme that will copy, and pause copying, on demand, whilst the picture is being watched in a screen. I will then be able to record the main film with the introduction, the short film clip of my choice at the end and stop the recording before the introduction of the other piece of film that appears at the very end.

Sounds easy, but is there a free programme that does this? A friend of mine said that he had one, but it was deleted in a virus ‘clean up’! and he can’t remember the name. (Usual story -!!)

Thanks for any input, :confused:



Use DVD Shrink in re-author mode.


Hi, Chetwood!

That is what I have been waiting for.

I had previously downloaded both Shrink and Decrypter - advised by a friend - but couldn’t use them properly.

Your advice did the trick. The fact that there is also an online instruction, which was most helpful, made it possible.

Grateful thanks

Almost a perfect result first time. A little more practice and it will be perfect, and something that I will be able to return to whenever I need it.

I shall now close this thread!