[Special] - 258th comic - DJ Time... Happy birthday DJMind!

Hi comic readers,

…it’s a day too late but here it comes: Happy birthday DJMind! I’m very proud to present your birthday comic! :iagree: :smiley:
After all those problems with Blindwrite… Jon has found the time to let Blindwrite work again! :slight_smile: … and… it woooorks!!! :wink:
This is it… so Jon is doing once again his happy chicken dance… combined with a great new disco experience … and the DJ background music… yeah! This comic sure rocks you good…

…now only one more question: What does Garfield think about that??

Read here:

So happy birthday again, bro! And I hope you’ll really get what you wish for yourself!


Thanks bro!!! :iagree: Great comic Alex!!! :clap:

LOL. Nice comic. :iagree:

@DJMind, congrats.

Thanks bro!

Nice moves from John there.

LOL :bigsmile:

Taking aim…