[SPECIAL] - 215th comic - *Dedicated Episode III comic* - Revenge of the CAT



Heya everybody,

I’m very proud today to announce another episode III comic due to the good feedback I got on the last comic. I hope you enjoyed this episode III comics and I can really only say Episode III is great! OK but back to business… the evil toaster and Darth Vader… here is the comic you’ve all been waiting for. I didn’t expect to publish it but because of the good feedback here we go:

We have a new comic website by the way:
Thanks to DJMind…

Hope you like today’s comic…



LMAO!!! Good Job Alex! :iagree:


I feel sorry for Darth Vader. :eek:

Never ever call that cat fat, lazy, silly and ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks DJMind :wink: thanks Namoh!

@Namoh… not to forget the word “idiot” :wink: :iagree:

yeah poor Mr. Vader…


Good one… I would like to see the fight between those maniacs :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. I like your new site all the info you need except contacting you Alex didn’t work.


Thanks for the feedback kalas…
…might still be a little problem with the website!


No problems here.


No problems here either. :iagree:


Strange when clicking CONTACT RYLEX nothing happens here using firefox 1.04 even allowed pop ups for this side… :confused:


For all those who are asking themselves where the comic is:

It looks like the website bandwidth is a bit too much for the new website… there are just too much people who are looking at the comics…

So if you see no comic at the top of this page then you need to wait a while…


I’ll try it tonight. Sorry I haven’t been around Rylex. Busy busy busy. Later. :cool:


Hi CyNickuL - thanks for the lots, lots, lots of feedback you gave today! Good to hear from you again. :slight_smile:

Here’s the comic from my old website:
(for all those who couldn’t read it)

215th Comic:



great :bow:


Nice one Rylex.


LOL :bigsmile:

'Tis good to censor the big violence, we must think of the children! :wink: