[Special] 211th comic - The end of mankind... (or: The return of the evil toaster!)



Heya everybody,

some of you might remember “the evil toaster”? This toaster from Mrs. Feeny has tried everything to stop Jon and Garfield. If you want to know more then please read the old comics number: 92 to 95 and number 118. OK but today it’s a bad day again for Jon… well Garfield seems to be smiling… hmmm… :wink: … will Garfield team up with the evil toaster? What will happen next? Only you will know for sure… so stay ready for more comic stuff!!

Here we go:

…to be continued…


… I really hope some of you are happy to hear from the toaster again! :wink:


HaHaHa!!! Good work bro! LMAO!!! Keep 'em comin Alex! :iagree:


Nice comic Alex.

How can I forget the evil toaster, comic 92 is on my “Best Comic Ever” list!!! :iagree:


Thanks DJMind and Namoh,

I have something to announce by the way… the number of comics will change to 2 per week

… using this method we can be sure to have more comics for the next 10 (or more) weeks :wink:

…well… you can give feedback on that! I can still do a comic every day but then we’ll run out of comics very fast! :wink:

…oh and one more thing…
I’m really asking myself if there’s nobody here, who would create a website for the comics? So that I only need to do the comic work… the website where the comics are now is running out of traffic and space… soooo … the comic WILL end sooner or later…

well… we’ll see…



I have a little webspace, and I’ll damn sure build you a website, you just say the word.

PM Me if you want any help.

See My Website: http://www.digitalliquid.tk


@DJMind… that’s great! Just great! I’ll send you an email to see how we could build this up!

Thanks man! :iagree: :wink:



2 comics a week … I can live with that, no problem. :iagree: :bigsmile: :wink:

@DJMind, great that you’re building a website for the comics.


of course the best news of the week and great to hear that the story continues :slight_smile:


Evil Toaster!!!

Can it not be killed???

Nice comic btw.


LOL :bigsmile:

Huzzah!! The Evil Toaster returns!! :bow: :bow: :bow: