I have made a backup of Spearhead. When I go to use it it tells me to insert cd. I have checked the backup against the original and it has the same bytes as the original. I have a lite-on LTR32123S burner, windows XP with sp1. I am in the U.S. I have read somewhere that it might not be able to read the back up because of blacklisting. If I don’t move to CANADA so that my regional settings can be changed, I can’t access all the options of CD Clone. Am I stuck? Just because it has the same bytes does that mean it should be a working back up?

What settings did you use to backup the game in CloneCD?

Also, have you tried playing the game from a CD-Rom? If you don’t have a CD-Rom, then enable “Hide CDR Media” in the CloneCD tray.


Actually I burned two copies. One using " game CD" and the other using Safedisk 2.8. Neither one works. I don’t have any other cd drive besides the burner. Being in the U.S. I can’t enable hide media unless like I said I move to CANADA so that that setting shows up( U.S. copywrite laws) I am willing to move to CANADA but I would perfer not to.

You don’t need to change your regional settings… All you need is the “CloneCD Region Killer”. The little tool will enable all the features taken out when you live in the US.

I’ve tried it, so I know it works.

Just search google for it and I’m sure you’ll find it. :slight_smile:


Can you change regional settings ??? If you set Canada it will work

Very true. :slight_smile:

I just gathered from his post that he didn’t want to do that…

Here’s a link to download the tool in question.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


P.S. To the mods, if the link isn’t OK, then please just go ahead and delete it. :slight_smile:

The link didn’t work but I’ll do a search, Thanks. Since the boards don’t allow certain illegal things discussedI was trying not to discuss them. I do know how to move to CANADA if I had to. I was just looking for alternatives. So if my backup copy has the same amount of bites as the original will it work? It said both times when I finished that it was sucessful.

Did you try in cotrol panel to change regional settings ???

Well I found it. I can download it if I want to post 5 topics on their formum. Don’t think so. Guess I’ll be packing my bags for CANADA.