I am going to buy a new dvd recorder player for my tv setup. What I need to know is whether or not I can plug my Creative speakers straight into the back of one of the newer player/recorders or do I have to buy a seperate tuner/decoder?

If they do have an analog output of the surround then yes you can plug them in directly. What you are looking for is 6 RCA connections on the bacl panel labelled Front Left, Front Right, Centre, Subwoofer, Rear Left, Rear Right. You hook your speakers directly to these ports.

If they don’t u will need an AV reciever ($$) to do the job, and those usually amplify too, so you can get rid of the amp if you have one already.

My ALDI model had the Analog Surround Out. (Tevion DVD Recorder - MD 686x)

The one I am looking at is a Phocus 160-4 which seems to have all kinds of connections. I have 3 leads which normally connect from my pc to a sub-woofer and then the speakers connect to that.

well- those will be 3.5mm stereo jacks. No current dvd-recorders/players accept these jacks without adaptors (which you can pick up from radioshack etc). You want 3.5mm socket to 2xRCA plugs.

So from that I take it that an amp may well not be needed?

The subwoofer is the amp for all the speakers, if you use the adaptor to hook it up to the 6xRCA output of the dvd-recorder (IF IT HAS ONE) - you will not need a reciever or an amp. If it doesn’t you will need a reciever for the optical/coaxial out.

brilliant, thanks very much for your help it is much appreciated.

not a problem :wink: besides - good luck on this forum (noticed this is only your 5th post) :slight_smile: