Speaker too close to pc?

I am setting up a computer to be a media server with my home entertainment certer. Fro now I will just play files with a mouse but eventually I would like to get some htpc software and get it set up for capture/pvr etc.
So I am limited on space, and the best place to put the pc would be right next to or under one of the speakers. They are medium size speakers (not huge towers but not little either). So if the speaker is too close, does anyone think or know if the speaker magnitism could interfere with or damage anything in the pc? I am thinking about building speaker stands so I could give some space between the pc and the speaker, but for now, if the speaker is actually sitting on top of the pc, will it hury it? How far away does it have to be?

If the speaker is not magnetically-shielded then placing so close to a PC is not advisable because of the harm the magnetism might do to the hard drive.

I think that I found an entertainment center that should work and keep them apart enough. I’m just curious how much is enough.

Best way to check (…this might sound ridiculous…) is to use an old-fashioned compass. Swing the compass past the new entertainment unit and if the needle swings violently towards the speaker at the distance from the PC then you know you might have to push the box a little further away. Of course, you could go to your local plumbing store and get a sheet of thin roofing lead and place it between the speaker and the PC box but that might be going to extremes! ( I have done this, btw with my PVR and surround amp. when I found that they were interfering with each other.)

Unless your problem is a radioactive object, lead won’t help - and you can’t go out and buy a sheet of mu-metal.