Speaker Pops?

when i first bootup my pc or restart it my speakers give off a huge pop.
seems like there is a big surge of power when restarting/booting up my pc that is sent to the speakers.
is there anyway to change/stop this ??? (besides buying a new soundcard)
i’m using the onboard HD Cmedia Azalia audio built into my MB.
not a big deal as i always turn my speakers off before 1st. boot or restarting.
just wondering though if its possible to stop the pop.

are they turned up loud before you boot? have you set the ‘line in’ and ‘mic’ to mute? mine make like a thump noise if the speakers are turned up high when i boot its fairly normal.

the speakers themselves are at about 1/4 volume.
the speaker volume in WinXp is abit less than 1/4 volume.
my mic and line-in are both muted aswell.
its no big deal really, must be normal.
its like u said Mr Brownstone it’s just a loud thump sound.
thx for the reply. :slight_smile: