Speaker Placement Opinion

I am setting up my 7.1 speakers, and I was wondering what you guys thought about placement of the front left and right speakers.

My room is about 11 by 13 or so, and my back speakers (due to wiring issues) are moved about 3 feet toward the center on the back wall.

My question is-Should I move my front speakers in as well, or leave them in the corners?

So which way do you guys think and why?

Thanks in advance.

Rear speakers are really only for noise anyway (like explosion rumbles, wooshes as things fly past you & etc). It doesn’t make much difference where they are, so long as they’re somewhere behind you - Humans aren’t designed to hear anything behind us with any real accuracy - We’re at the top of the foodchain, not the bottom.

You need to calibrate the volumes though, so that they are roughly equal volume (where you are sitting), from wherever you end up putting them :wink:

yeah i agree with you debro. I have a 6.1 HT system set up and i have my rear speaker about 10 foot behind my chair and just set the volume for that speaker with the loudness test on my receiver.