Speach lag

I burnt some of my movies on to my hard drive so i could keep them as back up, I also wanted to compress them and beable to watch them so i converted them to avi with someting I dont think i used divx i cant rember. But any ways i went to burn a copy so i could have one in out car which has a dvd player and 7inch monitors in the head rest. I burned the movies and most came out witha horrible speach lag others none at all? any suggestions? Could itbe the coding? I ended just jusing the eaxact copy button to copy form the oringal but is their any thing i could do about the one i have with avi format? I had editied them and took some bad parts as in nudity and profanity for my little brothers and cuz’s so any help would be awsome.

any Idea’s?

Not knowing the exact format they are in now, won’t get you a good answer, the only avi I know of that actually compresses the files, is DIVX. I have had problems with video that was in PAL SVCD and converting it to NTSC DVD and the audio going out, there are a few Progs. that could help, none free that I am aware of. What type of file did you start out with, and did you use the same program to edit as you did to author the dvd? Also check here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=66&s= There is some excellent info here. Good Luck