SPDIF output from Sony DRU-710A?

I have the Sony DRU-710A and (while trying to repair my motherboard) noticed I had connected it with a SPDIF (2-wire) cable. When I removed the drive I saw:

Label on top of drive indicates this connector is “Reserved”
Checked manual. It states “Do not use”.
but embossed into the backplate of the drive the port is labelled “Digital Audio”

It has been a long time since this machine was running - I don’t remember if audio was working.

Anyone know the story here? Does it have SP/DIF?

You don’t need to connect any audio cable to an optical drive any more. Digital output goes thru the main IDE ribbon cable.

Thanks! The audio connections are something I was never very sure of.
I know I had problems getting SPDIF pass through using WinDVD and a Creative Soundblaster Live card under XP (I think the ATI Radeon A-I-W drivers may have been part of the mix). The SP/DIF cable was routed from the DRU-710A to the Creative PCI card.


For TV-sound you can connect an audio cable from the A-I-W to the soundcard inside the PC. This keeps the external Line-in jack free for other things.