SPDIF Out & Lineout on DVD Drive?

I just purchased a NEC ND-2500A DVD Burner which I will be installing in a new system I building (My First). I’m assuming that I need to connect the SPDIF out and/or the Analog out from my DVD drive to the motherboard (which has built in sound).

Do I need to connect both of them?

Where is the best place to get the cables to connect these?

In general what are the difference between the SPDIF and analog connections?



SPDIF is Sony/Philips Digital Interface. You would normally connect this to a sound card if your sound card has SPDIF In. The difference between the two is one is digital and one is analog. Your sound card might support both as inputs. It might be possible that your motherboard has input connectors for these but you will have to check the manual.