SPDIF out & Digital Speaker Help Please

Hi folks,
I just got a new motherboard (Abit IC7-Max3) with built in AC97 & 6.1 surround sould. The problem is that my Boston Accoustics BA7500G ($300) speakers no longer work.

I am told by BA that the speakers are digital & need a digital signal. Abit tells me that on the IC7-Max3, the 2 SPDIF ports put out a digital signal.

My BA7500G’s connected to my old PC via the 1/8" mini-jack into a SoundBlaster card. I nolonger have the soundcard.

How do I connect my speaker’s mini-jact to the SPDIF output??

I’d appreciate any help you kind folks can give me.


Hi Lennyn and welcome to the forum ,

The trouble here is that your SPDIF only gives out a digital signal. This has to be fed through a digital decoder (dolby ac3 decoder for instance) , who , in his turn , spits out the correct analog signals to your speaker system.

According to the manual of your sound system , the speakers are indeed digital. But it seems the only input it can get is from line nr 4. If this line only accepts analog input… well … you’re screwed

Yep! I came to the same conclusion. Radio Shack has an Optical S/PDIF to Miniplug adapter I figured I’d try. If it doesn’t work, I’ll havt to toss my $280 speakers. I could by a sound card but that defeats the purpose of selecting a mobo with onboard dolby digital 6 channel sound. Oh well, such is technology.

Thanks again for the welcome & the info. Appreciated.