SPD6104BD Won't Lightscribe

So I have a brand new SPD6104BD sata drive, connected to my EVGA 780i SLI all drivers are the current version as is the drives firmware and I’m running the curent version of the light scribe sy software.

I can burn CDs, DVDs, Dual layer DVD+Rs, DVD RAMs, and DVD-Rs (all of the formats i’ve tried so far).

However when I open either nero’s label maker for light scribe, LightScribe’s own simple labeler or the template labeler application and I set a layout and everything looks good then I click create or print lightscribe label… …

It always gets to 2% then fails.
I have reinstalled windows twice started from fresh clean installs both times. Everything else works I can burn any type of media (using memorex, verbatim, phillips and taiyo yuden media) Yet lightscribe always fails to light scribe (yes I’m using lightscribe media hence the verbatim and and memorex media) { sorry I’d perfer taiyo medai all the way if I had it my way …} But yeah error code the App gives is 4225. When I go through the logs in Lightscribe diag utility everything is fine until these errors which from the log correspond to the print errors:

" ERROR CODE : 0x1019
ERROR CLASS: COMM_Unknown_SenseInfo
COMMENT: The drive returned unrecognized sense data
MESSAGE: The drive returned unrecognized sense data

And this error

ERROR CODE : 0x1088
COMMENT: SCSI No Sense Error sense code returned (sense key 0)
MESSAGE: SCSI No Sense Error sense code returned (sense key 0)


If any one here desires I can up my log level to d ebug and post futher but hopefully some one here has some idea how to fix this at this point.

The rest of my sys config is Win MCE 2K5 : Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 CPU, Crucial 2 GB DDR2 667 MHZ, Corsair 2 GB 667MHZ DDR2, 3x WD WKS250 HDs SATA II in NVRAID 5, 1 WD raptor SATA II (non raid), 1 Mitsumi IDE DVD ROM/CDRW, IBM 200 GB Deskstar IDE HD, 1 PCIe PNY Silicon Image RAID controller in AID 0 with 2x WD 500 GB SATA II drives, Avermedia MCE150 PCIe Analog +HDTV Tuner combo card, NVIDIA BFG OC 7800 GTX

The Philips drive is on a SATA II port directly attached to the 780i SLI MOBO.

Do you have the latest LD drivers and Diagnostic app?


I’m not familiar with your drive or mobo sorry.

Yes, running LS software version and the quoted logg errors are what the advanced LS diag tool say the issue is.