Spath - Continuation of Copy protection ?debates?



Ok Spath. About the CloneCD AWS feature being illegal: Why do you think the feature is disabled in the US/UK? Maybe because they want their program to be as legal as possible.

My point is - CloneCD is perfectly legal in US and UK as long as you dont use AWS (Who doesnt?:wink: ). The means that it copies a CD with (excluding AWS) is perfectly legal since it is an exact replica. AWS may (READ MAYBE) legal if it works like this - Weak sectors have EFM instruction that CD-Writer can't handle so CloneCD will provide additional instructions to allow it to write those sectors. But the sectors themselves aren't modified. That is legal too.

Daemon tools - perfectly legal since nothing is patched. Read the EULA of a game and I doubt you'll find anything that says "This software may not be run on a VirtualDrive"!


DanDaman I would not doubt spath, he knows where he is talking about…


Ok, lesson learned. The only thing I was trying to do was to defend CloneCD (you guys would too, right?). I just need someone to confirm that making 1:1 copy of a software is NOT illegal. :slight_smile:


Hi DanDaMan,

First things first the option to have AWS enabled in the UK is not actually disabled. This feature is by DEFAULT enabled on all but 1 of the CloneCD versions that have AWS (I think it is only 1 anyway). It is 100% enabled on CloneCD version

The second thing relating to whether or not it is legal to backup your software under any circumstances was asked here:

The above is a link to a thread I started a while back that only got 1 response from the taxman :). It has links to the UK copyrights act of 1988 and also extracts from said act that seem quite clear in my eyes anyway that it is in fact illegal to make ANY form of backup of ANY copyprotected software in the UK.



Also, it looks like AWS does modify the info on the disc. If you read an AWS-Enabled SD2 copy in Blindreads Audio mode rode, the weak sectors when used with AWS don’t appear ‘weak’ to Betablocker anymore, while doing the same on a copy created without Betablocker will show the weak sectors when scanned. I’m starting to think it works by slightly modifying the Error Correction to make it appear ‘more readable’ when viewed, but I’m totally unsure of this, i’m just guessing (spath said he could explain it to me, but it would take too long.)