Spanning DVD Backup Software

Can anybody recommend backup software that will go to DVDs and spans 2 or more DVD media.

The burner is a Liteon 451s

Files being backed up are very large (800 - 900 MBytes each) and need to be spanned over multiple media without losing space.

I have tried Nero. However; it does not do the job.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Hi Sysmk

I burn copies of my raw rip files so that i can reauthor them at a later stage as better tools come along etc. In this way a copy i author today may well be improved upon next year etc. If you do your processing (strip menus, extras, soundtracks, DTS, FRENCH…did i mention strip the french out ;-)…) you may well find you want that stuff for say a french buddie and need that soundtrack after all…(o.k not likely but you never know)

SO …anyway what i do is rip the files and store the raw rips before processing. I looked long and hard at this and considered the various ways to do it. In the end i settled on using WIN RAR.

I RAR the files into an archive and set WIN RAR to spilt volumes at 4,700,000000 bytes to use up the full DVD capacity. When it creates the RAR volume set it spilts the archive over 1, 2 or more DVD’s as needed. IN this way you can be sure not to miss a vob or some other file that is needed but did’t manage to make it on your manually selected files for the backup…

The RAR’s are nicely labelled and all the relevant files packed together so its easy to keep adding RAR’s of different projects to the DVD to use it all up.

Only thing to watch out for is if you set the bytes to split at 4.7 gig you had better use good DVD’s as this goes all the way to the edges…poor media will give problems reading at the edges…if you use cheap media just back off a good bit so the edges dont get read and it should be fine…

I am not saying this is the definitave way of doing it , just what i do and it has been working very well and makes it very easy to manage lots and LOTS of movies as they are all in RAR sets…

Hope that helps you , at least it will give you an idea . If you come up with a better way i’d love to hear it as i may well just use it as i also need the best way of splitting over multiple discs. But for now this works well…


Thanks Mark for that detailed description of managing multiple DVDs in a non contigous set. If I was managing multimedia this would be satisfactory.

However; I am talking of critical data that may end up in legal proceeding later and it must be in a single backup over spanned media.

So I need to find a “backup” program that will satisfy this requirement.

Try Ignition or KFK :