Spanish police target 15 indexing sites



I just posted the article Spanish police target 15 indexing sites.

The spanish police has developed a new operation against websites dedicated to illegal filesharing, specially movies, music, games and applications. In this operation, without precedents…

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im spanish and ive been reading tru a lot on info as articles spread all over the internet, specially on some webs defending internet users rights, and as long as i know, and i have a degree in law here, the only reason they could arrest them for, was the use of banners as free distribution of copyrighted material in spain is not a crime, and u can only sue them using a civil procedure. The worst is that lot of webs that r not included on the raids r closing due to the fear of being sued. Anyway they should remind that behind a web like that there r hundred thousand users a day looking for what they want and government cannot change their minds using police enforcement, this is a major mistake.


We Portuguese, share your point of view…


Yes we do…


900 000 euros annually…nice :d


Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition:B


Since when did admin/sysop/own of a website must be resided in the same country :wink: Kinda like seagoing vessels country of registration, soon to be if not already. :wink: :wink:


This is why web hosting in places like the West Indies is the way forward!


“The suppliers of services are not responsible for the [actions of their users], it is as if Post office were responsible for which their shipments contain.” This argument simply won’t wash (and has failed miserably in every single Court case where it has been raised) where the predominant purpose of the site is to gain advertising revenue by facilitating unlawful exchanges and distribution of copyright works. The fundamental difference is that the main purpose and use of the Post Office is lawful whilst the main purpose and use of the indexing sites, to the knowledge of their administrators, is not.


Since when is indexing illegal? I hope all of this legal unrest and uncertainty gets settled soon and the laws are finalised. At that point, I’m moving to a country where P2P is tolerated.


Yeah man move to the West Indies…


Good idea, but too bloody hot for me. I should have been more specific and said that I hope things settle down here in Europe.


nah… it all finished as nothing :g They weren’t even arrested. It’s sad to see that news get so manipulated and that they stay that way even in good web pages like this one :r


This type of website functions as a blackmarket. It provides connections for sellers & buyers. Unless blackmarket is claimed as illegal in the country where it’s stationed at. It’s controversial but I personally think it’s okay. Basically, they are just the same as eBay.