Spanish court: File sharing is like loaning out a book



Spanish court: File sharing is like loaning out a book.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Three judges in Spain recently compared peer-to-peer file sharing to loaning books instead of theft, as the country continues to be criticized for its lax copyright enforcement. 

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Except if you loan out a book, you don’t make a copy of it first.


It is it like photocopying a book, not borrowing


It’s like buying a book, scanning it, uploading it to the internet, and returning the book to get your money back because you didn’t want that book anyway. No harm done.



But here there’s no late fees.


Without commenting either way on the morality or legality of file sharing, the huge sums that the parent companies say they are losing are complete nonsense and patently untrue, in that the vast majority of downloaders would never have bought the stuff anyway, and most of it is not watched or listened to more than once, if at all.


Nice one Duke.

One industry which I think downloading affects the worst is video rental. To hell with Blockbuster but I like my local mom & pop rental stores with reasonable blu ray rental fees. I would rent almost any movie but only buy the rare gems.

It definitely takes away some revenue from sales too , there is no question, but nowhere near what they claim.

What they don’t factor in is the fact that downloading will encourage sales too. People watch the downloaded movie and if they like it they buy it. I have seen it many times.


If they dropped movie rentals to, say, $2 a night then I’d be in like Flynn. I don’t care about having to drive up the street to get the movie. People these days want movies delivered to their door. Damn, people are getting real lazy. I remember when you had to get off your ass to change the channel. Remember black and white televisions, or is it just me?


It’s definitely more like copying a book and uploading it, then lending it out.

But it could be argued that it might have the same monetary affect on sales (none?).


Duke, come out of the cave RedBox is out now, and price is $1 per movie plus local tax. Here it comes to $1.07! Not bad considering BlockBuster wants $4.79 @ movie for 3 days…