Spamming: Can you help?

Hi you guys,

I have a strange question: (Read thoroughly before you answer!!!)

Where can I find information on how to become a spammer? Here’s why….

I am raising funds so that I can go from Stem Cell treatment in China (I suffer from Ataxia). I am from South Africa and my only intention is to send an e-mail to South African e-mail recipients asking for funds.

I have gone the media route and asking for major sponsorships but times are tough. My only option left is asking for funds via e-mail (ie. the spammer route).

How would I do this?

Please, my intentions are honourable, I mean no harm. (I know people hate spammers, I do to, but this is an option I have to explore)

Thank you

Riaan van der Merwe

It is not appropriate to create such a thread.

**** thread closed ****