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The Culprit-(PhIbErOpTiK) His Site( You’ve been told


that aint my site homo i aint spamin i wish i owned that site then id have even more money than i do now and would never be online. just cause ur a noob trin to be hard so people think ur cool. o yeah and call me a noob cause my thing says new to forum. i am new to this forum but i had the internet befor u were born. so go find some one else to heckel nerd. and ur deff a nerd cause only nerds cry about stuff and tri to tell on people. i bet u were in the trench coat mafia in school cause no one liked u. o wait even the trench coat mafia wouldnt accept u ahahahahahahahaha. would u like some cheese wit dat whine hahahahaha flamer u been flamed. have a nice day :smiley:


and u joined a year ago and only have 15 post i joined like 2 days ago and have as many as u do not that it means any thing but u must only have gay stuff to post about.