Spam sucks, and so does M$

as everybody knows, spam mail is a big problem on the internet these days. I have a hotmail email account and it gets flooded with spam even though i have the filters on high, and whenever i get junk mail, i block the addresses.

Wll today, when i go to block about 6 more, it gives me a message saying that it cannot block these addresses b/c the block sender list is full. 250 addresses is the maximum, thats just not fair.

Tell me what you do to control spam.

Change your email once a while. Just send emails to all your friends that youve changed your email account.

It is said that it also helps to use one email account. That account should be setup so that when someone sends an email, (s)he will get an autoreply to respond to another email address.

Since most spam companies do not use a valid email return address, those messages will not be received and they will not update that email address in their lists…

It is not full proof, but it is a trick I picked up on IRC.

My regular email adress is scanned for spam , then remailed to my original email adress where again it’s scanned for spam.

Then it arrived in Incredimail , where again , it’s scanned for suspiscious email adresses. I got over 200 email adresses on a blacklist now.

But i never block , but * Saves a lot of tme and effort.

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
But i never block , but * Saves a lot of tme and effort.

True, but in Hotmail you can only blacklist 250 addresses like this.
And a lot of stuff originates from Hotmail and Yahoo accounts as well, and you can’t just block that, since a lot of people have an account there…

Is this true for anyone else?

I have found that only my free email accounts such as hotmail, yahoo etc. get spammed whereas my private email address obtained through BTOpenworld has never recieved a single spam email from anyone or any company.

Touchwood the bastards don’t get hold of my private address :wink:

Along similar lines does anyone use Webwasher. It really is a great little program and works really really well but does anyone know why it doesnt block certain flash (.swf) adverts?