Spam Software

Does anyone know of Spam fighting software for Thunderbird? I know Microsoft makes SPAMfighter, but not for Thunderbird. I would like a free version to try first and hopefully not added software, pop-ups or toolbar crap. Thank you.

Thunderbird has a built-in spam filter, that works really nice.
Look here:


I like SpyBot Search And Destroy. Its the best around for free! :wink:

[quote=THE C.;1938066]I like SpyBot Search And Destroy. Its the best around for free! ;-)[/quote] AFAIK it doesn’t fight email spam in any way - it just prevents and detects malware infections.

Sorry about that my mispost but try these two freebees! Let me know how they works buddies of mine at another forum swear by them!

MailWasher - 3.27MB (Freeware)
Introducing MailWasher, a leader in anti spam software, the easiest way to check and manage your e-mails before you download them. more info…

Michel Kramer - 1.79MB (Freeware)
Spamihilator works between your E-Mail client and the Internet and examines every incoming E-Mail. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out. Thi… more info…

As an avid user of Thunderbird I can confirm that Thunderbirds built in spam dectetor is almost flawless if you configure it correctly. Nothing wrong with Spybot Search and Destry but it has nothing to do with e-mail.

Mailwasher free protects only one mailaccount, as do other antispam apps in search of paying customers. K9 opens the list of truly free antispammers, if you ask Google.

Thanks to all for your help.