Hello to all!

For a couple of weeks I have massive problems with E-Mail-Spam in my main Email-Address ( Free E-Mail-Provider The built-in Spam-Filter is useless becaue the sender address always changes completely. :mad: :mad: :mad:
Any help is much appreciated.

F.P. ::

That depends on who you are using for your email. if it’s hotmail or yahoo or many of the other free email providers then they seems to be prime tagart for spamers. If your talking about a POP3 account then maybe you have been picked at random or maybe you have given it to the wrong sort of site that sends or gives out email addys out.

To prevent spam, never give out your email address on any site or have it hidden all the time (applicable to this forum, since CD Freaks does not send spam, not does it sell the addresses, so only when people can see your email address in your profile they can use it to send spam).

And when it is too late for that, change your address regularly. Only let those people from you accept emails know what your new address is…

I use hotmail for my email purposes, the main account that I use is got filters and is set to exclusive. I still get spam but it hits the filters and the junk mail folders. From time to time, I get something for somebody I forgot to add to the list. The next account the one I use for this site and a few others get some spam, but it is filtered. The other accounts are ones that I know that some web site is going to sell to marketing companies to annoy the piss out of me. A couple of accounts have email addressed to nonsense( I put that in there when some site asks for a name) and I know who sold the name and address, I go contact them and recommend that the name is removed from their spam lists.

the best way (I think) to ban Spam-mail is to make a filter rule as follows:
if (new message) contains “unsubscribe” (without the quotes) then send to trash
because every spam-message ends with “to unsubscribe from our mailing list send a message to

I haven’t seen a Spam-message on my system for ages…