Spam problem. Any help please

G’day all.
Could any one help me block Spams on AOL Browser. I have tried the host file but it won’t work on those. I have tried "per site privacy action” >manage sites” but it wont accept addresses without “www*****.com”. Is there any way to beat the annoying junk mail.
Thank you for any help.

The best way is to un-install AOL. :rolleyes: :Z

I agree with PC-Guy as well. I use GMAIL and have had absolutely no problems with spam. Maybe you can try a different email provider that has “improved” spam blocking abilities.


Better still, get rid of AOL altogether - there was a point to their lumbering, all in one PC client software, when a functional IP stack was not already present on every PC.
This shows another approach, and more importantly, you can use a REAL email client software (lets say “Thunderbird”, for example) and use it’s own filtering (bayes plugin), or pass it through SPAMPAL

Certainly on AOL Broadband, you can get by without ever starting the main AOL client, I might even consider using AOL that way!

AOL may also have some spam-blocking capabilities. You might want to check those out if you don’t want to change your ISP.

Since this thread got me thinking about it, I’ll just post here instead of a new thread, anyone got any good ideas for managing spam and or even solicited emails with yahoo free email? Even cdfreaks post notice emails have got annoying (tried changing my user settings so I didn’t get email notifications but it didn’t work). Is thier a way I can bulk delete all emails from a certain sender? Even stuff like the major stores like office max, the emails get hard to delete (but I would like to get them) and every time you register software they constantlly send you emails. I have a few thousand unread emails in my account…

filters to send to user-designated folder(s) and delete entire folders?

My approach (simplistic but effective):
One e-mail account for correspondence only.
One e-mail account for online shopping.
One e-mail account for potential spam sources.
One e-mail account for forum registration etc.

The Internet: Proof that a million monkeys with keyboards won’t produce the complete works of Shakespeare /.

you only have 4 email accts? i’ve got at least a dozen.

I probably have 30, but can’t remember all the passwords and usernames.

Really, I know what I’m doing…Ohhhh, look at the shiny buttons! /.

drpino, thanks for the yahoo info!!! I only have three e-mail accounts. One free yahoo account, my current isp account (which I have yet to use), and another free yahoo acount I recentlly started (cause the last one was so overloaded with crap). I don’t need a bunch of addresses cause I don’t use email much, believe it or not. Most of my corespondence is direct, online or other. I just have old things linked to this yahoo acount and would like to eliminate the mass emails. Thanks again for the yahoo info (I’ll look for that).
As far as many diffrent email accounts, I have actually used other free alternative email acounts for crap where I didn’t want to get spammed. I have had difficulty with addresses like that. Many sites seem to know and reject these acounts. I guess that I need to just setup more accounts for various things. The bigest probloem is solicitated mail though. I click quicklinks, and go for my subscribed threads several times a day. I don’t need email resopnses, and tryed to change my options, but it didn’t work (yea I know, ask for help, pm a mod, work it out, my fault, I’m too lasy… So it’s my own fault, I know…

no problem ripit. filters and address blocking are your best bets from what i can tell. properly set up filters make everything much less of a headache (wish i could follow that rule in the rest of my life i.e. proper filtering=being organized).

I have spent most of my time trying to keep my computer infection free, spyware free, invasive software free. Franklly I have given up. My main computer is not and will never be conected to the internet. Only carfully scanned files get transfered to it (not over a conection, through flash drives or burned disks… Win xp does not have problems, nor does the computer. The only time it had problems was when it was screwing with it Raid array etc. I have been running the same copy/install of win xp for almost 2 years, and not one fucking bug… not one problem, not one crash (with the exception of the raid thing when I was changing hardware…
The computer I am on now is a difrent story. Typical win xp, crash after problem after whatever…

Thanks for all the replays
John :slight_smile:

Try out Gmail which seems to filter out spam very well. You might even be able to redirect your AOL mail into your Gmail account, which will in turn filter out the SPAM from your inbox.