Spam in the can

Hello again from Downunder, to be honest we have all been plagued by spam email on more than one occaision eg nigerian scam etc ,whilst viewing here oddities, an interesting news item over at MSNBC( ex Associated Press release dated 3rd november 2004, “LEESBURG, Va. - A brother and sister who sent junk e-mail to millions of America Online customers were convicted Wednesday in the nation’s first felony prosecution of Internet spam distributors.” about several inept persons from Raleigh, North Carolina who sold a buy before use software package called such as “Fedex refund processor” the jury convicted one member to jail for 7 years, fined his sister USD$7500, and released the other defendant. The convicted felons have been bound over for final sentencing hearing in February 2005. In the article it mentioned that a figure of approximately 10000 credit card users supplied a minimum of $39-95 for this piece of fictional buy before use software, which I think is truly amazing(I wonder if these incompetents supplied a po box for those less fortunate to send cash in the mail?) Interestingly the usual sidebar MSNBC reader poll, shows 78% of the 25000 responders are for tougher jail penalties. The article mentioned that North Carolina is rapidly gaining notoriety as “Spammer heaven USA”. This one can say lightheartedly as “Spam in the Can” :cop:

i harly get any spam, dont know why, i sign up for loads of stuff, and dont have any smap filter, even put my full email on forums, oh well, my last account got 50 smap a day.


ben :slight_smile: