Space...Where has it disappeared to?

I had over 10gb free space on my partition J
DRIVE but all that’s been shown by the system is 5.84 GB as
free. On checking the drive and deleting unwanted stuff my
calculations on free space should read about 11GB.
I’m a bit mystified how can this be?
The last program that i installed was a trial version of SLYSOFT
Any ideas/help are most welcome.
Thanks in advance for reading and for any replies that may follow.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Were any images copied to that partition.
It is possible that images are temporarily saved there and not removed after succesfully completing the backup…

If you check properties of each directory, what do the indicates directory sizes say?

Thanks for your reply. My other partitions appears
to be showing correctly, funny thing is that the ‘J’ partition is the
one is use to backup my movies. I’ve emptied the VIDEO_TS
folder and as previously stated i’ve uninstalled other programs
just to make sure no conflict was taking place. This one has got me stumped i don’t want to format this partition as i’ve got
important work i really don’t want to lose. I also tried doing a disk
cleanup but there’s nothing to clean!!!.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

do u have norton systemworks installed? if so, try purging the protected recycle bin.

I cannot thank you enough…i’ve now got all my space
back on the ‘J’ partition.
Thanks you once again.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

np, glad everything’s back in order. :bigsmile:

i’ve seen this “problem” asked many times before, and the solution isn’t obvious at all. the only reason i know the solution myself is cuz i experienced this problem firsthand and decided to run through everything that could clear up disk space, and purging the protected files was the last thing on my list.

Same here AZImmortal. Installing Norton AV 2003 adds a “Norton Recycle Bin” to your existing one. Found this out the hard way when I was running out of disk space and for the life of me couldn’t figure out where it was going.

I also found out that the text files that Zone Alarm uses to keep track of “intrusions” can get quite big as well. I always turn the logging feature off the first thing after ZA is installed.

I’m not quite sure about this either, but doesn’t having “restore points” take up quite a bit of disk space as well? Just for “shi*ts and grins”, I usually turn that off as well.


u can lower the limit of the total size of the restore points in winxp, and i’m pretty sure u can limit the size of the log in ZA as well (i haven’t used it in a while so i don’t remember offhand).

its a good idea, for me anyways, to turn restore points off until drastically changing your setup.

zonealarm is funny.

norton is funnier :smiley:

and when you uninstall Norton, it still hangs on to those silly protecter trash bins. So you got to do some work to get the space back.