Space Saving Storage System?

I just got done reading this thread but I’m still curious about what the best product out now is.

I currently use slim jewel cases but I hear those aren’t the best because of the center mount not supporting the cds that well. Also currently my cases are stacked on top of one another and I hear that can cause some type of warping due to gravitational pull.

So I want to stack my cds vertically, thinking of getting a box instead of some shelf type thing. That way I can just put the new box on top of the ends of the one below it maybe. As long as the cds are vertical that should be fine right? The other thing I want to consider is getting something that saves a bit more space. I heard of double sided poly sleeves. From that thread posted above. This was the link to one of the sites:

I just want to be able to see whats written on the cds hopefully. Any ideas?


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You’re referring to CDRs, not DVDRs, right?

Jewel cases must be perfectly fine for CDRs, or my 10 years-old discs wouldn’t be in perfect shape. :wink: :bigsmile:

For DVDRs, there is some controversy, but my personal opinion is that jewel cases are also totally fine for storing DVDRs as well.

But you should indeed [I]store them vertically[/I] (same goes for any storing system, except spindles/cakeboxes).

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I’ve had some DVD-/+Rs stored vertically, in jewel cases for two years. With the good media that I scanned, quality is still very good. :slight_smile:

As for CDRs, I store some of them in jewel cases, too.

Jewel cases are all good here!

I have some 7 year old Kodak gold surface DataGuard CD-R that still give a QS in CD-DVD Speed of 98%; Better than most of my current CD-R burns! :o

My current method of storage for DVDs depends on what’s on them.

Important data backups and things like family occasions, weddings christenings etc I store in standard size DVD cases with low tension retaining rings. These are stored vertically in a drawer (dark) in England (cold, most of the time :bigsmile: )

My DVD backups are stored in 48 piece CD/DVD wallets; cloth lined inserts with see through plastic tops. These are fine for most discs although I have found that the cloth tends to scratch Taiyo Yuden DVDs. :rolleyes: All other disc types are fine with this material. :confused:

I don’t give much concern to the storage of the DVD videos as it’s no sweat to dig the original out of moth balls, but for unique data, hard plastic cases are essential IMO.

To avoid negative warping effects, I store discs horizontally. I use a lot of slim cases for usual stuff and bigger jewel cases for important data.

The TY discs are not as scratch-resistant as Verbatim discs are. In fact they are pretty sensitive. What brand are your wallets? (I doubt they sell that in Japan too, in the 60% country.)

Uh??? :confused: This comes as a surprise to me, as all sources mention the opposite, that [I]horizontal storing causes warping[/I]. (except, as I mention above, when stored in cakeboxes and I’ll add: in sufficient quantities! Not 1 or 2 discs per spindle!)

The TY discs are not as scratch-resistant as Verbatim discs are. In fact they are pretty sensitive.
:iagree: Agreed, and that’s one of the reasons why I tend to think that TY DVDRs are overrated on this board. This high rating is deserved for their burning quality in terms of PIE/PIF scans, and the consistency in quality, but to people concerned with the toughness and durability of their discs, TY is not necessarily the best choice. :disagree:
As a sidenote, I feel that the +R TY are tougher than the -R ones. But I haven’t really put this feeling to the test. On my to-do list… :bigsmile:

Hey, storing DVD-R’s. Yeah I know slim jewel cases aren’t too bad. But I think using double sided sleeves could double the amount of space saved. Anyone know of any better links besides this one?

But more importantly I want to figure out some type of vertical storing arrangement. A shelfing idea doesn’t work with me at the moment. I want to just use regular boxes maybe that can store 2 rows of dvd-rs and if I leave a 1-2 inch clearance above both rows I can place a new box on top of its edges. See what I’m saying? This way I can just stack boxes if I run out of room. Seems like the easiest and cheapest way so far. Except I can’t think of where to get the boxes besides cutting up some cardboard myself. But I was thinking something like 8" high and 1’ by 1.5’ or something. Could you get that customized somewhere maybe?

All I know now is my current setup isn’t working well. Need a setup that’ll help me store atleast 200 or more dvd’s.

Agreed with the sentiments above. Including the confused smiley when horizontal storage was mentioned :bigsmile:

I buy mainly +R media, so I’d be interested in hearing what you discover re: the +R TY media :iagree:

I have some of those double-sided sleeves…store some of my media in them, inside a case. They’ve been there for at least a year, with no real problems.

My neighbour has all his -/+R media stored the same way, and although he doesn’t quality scan, his discs are in regular use. No complaints from him as yet of not being able to use them.

I thought storing cakebox-style in slim cases would be good… now I’ll have to store the CDs like books again…

Generally the +Rs seem to be better than the -Rs, because +R is more closely following CD standards, and TY really is the CD expert… :iagree:

In cakeboxes, discs lie [I]on their stacking ring[/I](mmhh… is it the correct term? :confused: ), they’re not hold by the center like in jewel cases and DVD cases… see my point? :slight_smile:

This is a tidy storage system 1-TOUCH-EASY-GLIDE-72-CD-DVD-STORAGE and not expensive.

ya ok double sleeves sounds good. But my main question was which brand did people use or wheres the link to the place etc. :frowning:

Besides that I really want to figure out how to get a box. Or maybe i’ll do my own arts and craft making ;o And design it myself. Guess need superglue.


I store my dvds in slim jewel cases stacked on top of eachother, about 20 discs per stack. Havent had any problems so far.

Warping due to horizontal storing in cases doesn’t bring much detectable issues for quite some time. It can go unnoticed in actual use for more than a year, maybe more (unless you re-scan on a regular basis). When the reading issues arise, they’re most of the time reversible. Yet, it’s much better to store them vertically right from the start :iagree:

Ok, I’ve been looking around a bit more. So far I like these double sided sleeves:

And as far as a good box to store them. I wanted something that’d hold an even amount of sleeves and also an optional cover on the top seemed cool so I found this:
Its the 3rd from the top.

Look good? Only objection I’d have is the cover to be transparent and less like a shoebox type thing but fine with me :d Also it comes with its own sleeves which I probably won’t use. Fellowes had their own box that included 25 of the 50 sleeves but its $20 and I want all 50 :(. The boxes are pretty cheap too only $10 :wink:

Damn, found another one that has double sided sleeves and holds 100 cds in a box.
Sounds cool but not sure if the sleeves are as great as the fellowes

How is something like this for storing my DVD media?

Is it Ok for storing my DVD movies or am I going to have long term problems with warping? They are double sided pockets and I can store them vertically. Each case holds 92 discs (I do not use the little pocket in front to store anything).

I have about 200 discs and like to be able to flip through them to see what I want. Individual jewel case or single (double sided) sip case would be a real pain…