Space Missing :o 😕

Hey i got home noticed i had 600mb free on my windows system drive so i cut 3 gb’s worth of iso’s to another drive… but i click back on d:\ (my windows folder) and it says 900mb free… when it should be nmore like 4.5gb free. I have checked i didnt jsut copy… ofc and the isos are no longer on my d:… i tried restarting didnt chg it so i tried shutdown and that didnt work either i alos did disk cleanup on the drive and ran a norton utilitie which i think frees up sspace thats jsut sitting in memory or something… anyway anyone know whats gioin on?

I assume you did the obvious ones:
Empty the rrecycle bin
Empty the Norton Protected Recycle bin<- been caught on that a couple of times when using Shift+Delete

Also, trying doing a scandisk, and check for errors

If running WinXP, and you have System Restore turned on, Restore Points can take up quite a bit of space.

Run Disk CleanUp -> More Options Tab -> System Restore CleanUp Button.

This will delete all but the most recent system restore point.

Good Luck!