Space Discs!



I found a some cool discs one day and now I can't buy any other discs cuz they look crap. These discs look cool but are they any good? The answer is yes! They have gold/silver recording surface, 700mb/80min, recording up too 24x and they are cheap!
Heres a pic!



Where the hell did ya get them? They look damn nice!


isnt that the symbol for biological waste? or waste of any kind?


Cool, wanna have them too
Where to buy???


Biohazrd I believe. The 3 circles usually indicate hazard. Those are pretty cool and I wouldnt mind having a few of them…


Just checked out the website and there are actually 6 different designs not just hazard -

has anyone elce tried these…


You wouldn’t happen to have any ATIP for us? :slight_smile:


I found these at a record store in Melbourne.
I think they are only sold in Australia:D
Heres a list of the Stockists

If anyone finds anymore cool cd-r’s please post because i might start collecting some:bigsmile:


I want the manufacturer information!! :wink:

Could you find the manufacturer information for us with feurio, cd-r identifier or similar?


umm of kinda written on all the disc!:stuck_out_tongue:
Does that info thing still werk if ive burnt them!??*
If it does still werk were would I find those programs and what do i have to do too find that info?


Find cdr identifier here:


ASPI Layer outdated or not present

thats what it sayz when i try to use CDR identifier!!!

probably cuz i got a (very) old 12x lite-on cd-rom

heres some info on the disc from SpaceDiscs

Super a grade
Silk screen printed
matt writable surfacesilver/gold recording layer

thats probably not the info u want but my pcs buggered

if you really want to know theres an enquiries



You need to install adaptec ASPI layer to get CD-R identifier working.

Get adaptec ASPI version 4.60 here

And then you may also upgrade to ASPI layer 4.71 afterwards. but don’t go directly to 4.71 since CD-R identifier may not work then. Get aspi layer 4.71 here.


OK, they’re cool and you say they’re cheap. How cheap? In other words, as a fellow sufferer from Melbourne, should I bother sticking my head into one of the shops you mentioned to get some?


I forget how much they where but i think around $12 for the box of ten discs including jewl cases, they might be cheaper now as they seem to be more widely sold.

As for OC Freak i installed the apsi layer but it still didnt werk.
I think my pc is a bit weird since i nearly killed the hd because it can only stay on for 16hrs strait before bombing out.
As I said if you need the info bad then you can email them at:

I’ve finished with this thread, so if you live in Melbourne check those spacediscs out!