SP3 installation problems

Hello everybody. I have a problem with Windows Xp Professional. I had to format the C drive and re-install windows. At first Widows update didnt function, but at a windows forum I found the missing DLL file and worked fine. The problem occured with SP3. It downloaded alright but during installation it hung/stopped/froze at “running preocesses after install”. The thing is, that Task manager showed the program as still running but surely 3 hrs of waiting for the program to execute are more than enough, especially when it performed the same task when it ran “running processes before install”. Please, can anyone help? Another thing: When I power on the machine, the icon for SP3 ready to install appears on the task bar, but I never do it, as I know the consequences. Please help. You are my last resort. If you wont solve the problem, then I will forget SP3 altogether. The machine is 32 bit (x86)

Maybe you need to install SP1 first and then SP3

I have SP2 installed

[QUOTE=linogatt;2652147]I have a problem with Windows Xp Professional. I had to format the C drive and re-install windows. At first Widows update didnt function, but at a windows forum I found the missing DLL file and worked fine.[/QUOTE]

Rather you should’ve used your XP install disk to find the DLL file rather then downloading a DLL file that is unverified or been modified that might not be compatible with your installation is problematic at best. Using the XP disk to find the correct DLL should’ve been your first step to fix the problem. You shouldn’t have done a windows update before doing a Service pack 1 or 2 or 3 update then do a windows update then do a windows update and see if your missing more updates that can be installed.

[QUOTE=linogatt;2652147]If you wont solve the problem, then I will forget SP3 altogether. The machine is 32 bit (x86)

We can’t solve all problems nor can we diagnosis and fix the problem you must in the end fix the problem. We can only give suggestion of what to do and where to look.

It looks like you will have to reformat again but this time make sure you downloaded SP1, SP2, SP3 or have them on a disk to install or flash stick to install the service packs. Otherwise you have to do like slipstream XP with the various SP to make it SP3 to install. As to we can’t solve your problem we aren’t the installer or do we know what process of installation and steps you did or how you did. Since you don’t tell us the hardware of the computer itself all requests for help will not be of use not knowing what hardware your running or how it is configured. Not every question can be solved by users on here as their hardware and installation varies so much from user to user. If your system can handle a upgrade I would say you should go Windows 7 pro or higher and leave XP alone and get a newer O/S that is more updated and still supported. XP if you haven’t heard is no longer support by M$ themselves or given any updates so you best bet here is to drop XP and go Windows 7 pro or higher to stay more secure and better installs.

Lino, I had a similar experience - perhaps. You mentioned that you ‘downloaded SP3’ but my problems began when I let Windows Update supply me with ITS copy of SP3. My re-install failed in that process - the Windows Update ‘processing’ of its version of SP3.

I tried it again and again - locking up 3 times - then I selected WinUpdate’s “Administrator” options and I downloaded a full version of SP3.

Then I ran that. And it worked.

It seemed like Windows-Update’s “interrogation” of my new WinXP-SP2 installation was incomplete or wrong, and I needed some other DLL or some Framework level - something! Whatever it was, the full version of SP3 solved that problem.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, then I think “SP2” is a good minimum level. I don’t know if much software requires “WinXP SP3” but I have seen a lot that requires “SP2”. I would go back into WinUpdate, do CUSTOM and manually select (ugh!) individual files, avoiding SP3.

I imagine you’ll eventually download most of the individual pieces that made up SP3 - and at some point, WinUpdate will finally get your SP3-version correct for its ultimate installation.

Thanks Christine. Will do so. Actually, I have already downloaded many updates and installed them, therefore, if what you suggest fails, I will totally ignore any requests for SP3 updating and installing. Thanks very much for your help. Good day. (here in Malta, it’s early morning)

Christine, I just did what you suggested and the Custom update showed that only SP3 update is missing from my system, so I am going to ignore all automatic calls for updating the system with SP3. Thanks again for your help and have a nice day.

Lino, did you try to get the full-download of SP3 and apply that? Here’s the Microsoft TechNet download page for that.… I recommend using MS’s Internet Explorer for this process. (I don’t use it for anything BUT interchanges with Microsoft’s websites.) There’s also a caution about “Do not download this if you’re applying it to only one computer…” Yeah well, I ignored then, and I’d do it now, too.

Standalone SP3’s installation process will do another ‘interrogation’ of what your system needs, and it will supply a little or a lot - whatever’s left over.

And what are you doing in Malta? You’re not some loony Spit pilot still waiting for Messerschmitts, are you? Heck, at this point, I’d say, “Clear off the runway and make them bring in a nice Reisling-!”

I would run through the following…


When you get SP3 in and are running updates eventually you will get ONE update that will fail and the failure code will be “KB2481109” when that happens run THIS:


I’ve been having problems with fresh XP installs the last several months,
particularly with Microsoft Updates, but I also own 2009 vintage corporate
installer that has SP3 in it already…

I should note that SOME of the microsoft FixIt solutions won’t work until certain versions of “Net Framework” are installed, so be prepared to have to load something else before you can get some FixIt solutions to run to completion.

XP is getting more tedius to install as time drags on.

EVENTUALLY M$ is going to shut down the update servers alltogether
and at that point… well I don’t want to be left without a chair when the music stops.

Those computers I have that MUST run XP (because they will
run nothing else) I have both “clones” of the existing installations,
but fully updated “clean” installations set aside on spare hard drives


Christine, I did download the full version but…nothing doing. I am fed up now and as the system seems to be Ok without SP3 then I will stop tearing out my hair in despair. Thanks a lot to you and some others who tried to help. I am sorry nothing worked but as I said, if the system seems happy without it, then I am too. Why do Microsoft make life a hell for the likes of me? As for the Spitfires I actually used to live near the airport where they took off to pound the Nazis to bits, way before my time of course. There are I think 2 in existence now and they are exhibited at the War Museums, as I will show you should you one day come to visit us. If you do don’t hesitate to contact me. The wine we make ourselves from grapes we grow ourselves so it’s fantastically good. By the way, will it be OK if I quit using IE and instead opt for Google Chrome? I find the latter much better than IE. Have a nice day, or evening as I don’t know what time it is in Texas

By chance are you trying to install SP3 on a Dell?

Lino, thanks for the notes. Jethro’s interesting question, and Allan’s link for a specific fix… boy.

Allan’s comment made me depressed because I’d spent years searching Microsoft for specific error messages and never found a bleepin’ thing. Now he offers one WITH a good link, apparently! Amazing. One out of a million!! ha ha…

And the DELL question reminds me that sometimes indeed name-brands have some queer bits installed that screw things up that ordinary folks never see.

Hubby’s sailed thru Malta once - he was delivering a yacht and crewing a small yacht from NYC to ?? Greece or somewhere, and stopped at Gilb and Malta for the fun of it.

I’m so glad you mentioned the wines, though, and I hoped my reisling comment would produce some giggle - but even better, your local recommendation!

I’ll bet Malta has some dairies and local cheesemakers, too, eh? (Our dairy farm with its cheese makers travel annually to Italy, France, Croatia, Spain just as excuses to travel and sample. The ONLY kind of business trip!)

As for IE vs. Chrome… I have two browsers usually installed on all computers, but when I deal with Microsoft sites (WinUpdate, MSDN, TechNet), I use IE exclusively. Years ago, it was a requirement and I haven’t tried WinUpdate thru non-IE browsers lately).

But I use Firefox, Chrome, Opera and I’m trying out Comodo-Chrome now.

I really like Firefox most of all. It has a wonderful setting “Security” submenu where I can elect to clear off all kinds of cookies as “when I close Firefox”. Nothing else gives me that kind of cookie-control.

For example, I don’t save Passwords ever, but I like saving UserIDs. Firefox lets me do that while nothing else is saved (Save Forms but delete all other histories).

I don’t prefer Chrome - it’s too stripped down and doesn’t give me ‘enough control’, and the lack of an easy way for me to tailor “bookmark sub-menus” irritates me. But I’m going to use this Comodo version along with Comodo’s AV-Firewall for test purposes. I have customers and friends who constantly walk into Ransomware sites and then complain that it takes us two days to reload and recover everything for them. I’m hoping Comodo’s stuff will be The Answer… although I know “without user discipline, no, nothing solves THAT problem.”

I used to love Opera because it had a No-Frames version. No steenkin’ animations, no steenkin’ banner pop-ups. Just straight text - Read It and Move On. But of course, they had to jump on the All Glitz-No Substance bandwagon too… sigh…

Christine, one thing: Just come to Malta with your hubby and you will get to know what the Med cuisine is all about. Anyway thanks for the advice. If M$ are so mean as to make it difficult to continue using Xp then I will continue to use the one I have until it falls dead by the wayside. Will have to get another one then, won’t I? Anyway, you have been of great help. Thanks a lot and good evening (in Malta it is evening).

Keeping XP alive, yes. I have some favorite applications that won’t run under anything else, and their ‘upgraded versions’ have chopped off those incredibly useful features! So XP boxes continue to productive machines. To this end, we’ve found ASRock offering MBs with floppy and IDE connectors, giving access to the newest chipsets and hardware features, all while giving us longer XP lifespans.

As for Malta, don’t tempt me! Do they had vendors or booths where I can get Hubby encrusted with diamonds and jewels? Maybe with a black lacquer coating? If so, I’m going to start strapping him down so he won’t wiggle or scream as much. I’d hate to attract Gutman’s attention.

I need to work on getting some beak-like carving done, too. Every time I’ve tried to strap other false noses on him, certain people keep wanting to dunk him, to see if he floats. Of all the silly things-! It’s not like he’s a duck or something… something…