SP2 Network installation option

I went to http://www.microsoft.com/Windows2000/downloads/servicepacks/sp2/download.asp

to try and get a copy of the mighty Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000 Professional that I can use for future installations in the computers I biuld. I spent over 5 hours downloading the 101 mb file entitled “SP2 Network installation”. (It actually reads as 99.7mb on the properties).I then clicked on the SOB and I get an error message saying its not a valid win32 application. What is the problem?!! Am I correct to assume that this is the file if I want to do a internet free SP2 install? The express install option is there, but I wante a copy I can reuse on other computers.

I’ve downloaded the same package and it’s a little over 100 MB in size so your download is probably corrupt.
My CRC: 3B4D20DE

And yes the network package is for an internet free setup.

corrupted download.

try it again.